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Slike ovog hrvatskog umjetnika podsjetile su nas na vrijednost soli (i još poneku istinu)


Hrvatski umjetnik i tatoo majstro Dino Tomić koji trenutno živi u Norveškoj, privukao je popriličnu pažnju na internetu svojim slikama od soli. Sol je jeftina, sveprisutna i unatoč svim mogućim dimljenim, crvenim, plavim, crnim solima i cvjetovima soli koji preplavljuju tržište i stolove restorana, o soli zapravo rijetko ili nikad ne razmišljamo. Samo solimo. Tomićeve su slike velikih formata,  napravljene samo od zrna soli koja dozira iz plastične bočice, varirajući tako tonalitet na crnoj podlozi. Sol nije fiksirana na podlogu pa slike trajno ostaju samo na Instagramu.  Mukotrpan rad na koljenima i ljepota nekih slika Dina Tomića podsjećaju na vrijednost soli koju prečesto zaboravljamo.

Tomić je napravio golemu mandalu od soli

Worlds largest salt mandala 3 days work 25 hours in total – gone in 10 seconds. The whole / longer video on my YouTube / Facebook page 🙂 The whole project was done in the university HSN / Notodden / Norway – the place where i studied many years ago and the place where i have drawing courses now. =D They where so nice to provide me with a live stream , so that everyone could follow the whole process from start to finish. The whole live stream is still on youtube if anyone wants to see every boring ( unedited ) second of me playing with salt haha =D Im getting in touch with Guinness book of records to really confirm that this was the worlds larges salt mandala ( sand /or other color powders dont count in this category ) – it does seem it is =)

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Pokazao kako je solju naslikao konja

Tigar nije loš

Ali ništa bez Igre prijestolja

Salt Portraits of the Game of Thrones cast Here is the newest large salt creation from me =) Last time i did 1 portrait with salt so i figured why not make 5 this time =D This took me way more than expected , and it was also a lot harder then the previous one. The biggest problem i had was when i would finished the first portrait and start on the second one and than go back to the first one to retouch some parts, the second one would be in the way. Also the smaller you make them the harder it gets to work with salt – its really not a fine medium to work with =) By now im sure you all know what happens at the end of a salt drawing like this 😉 and yes i once again have a video of the whole process + the removal of all portraits =) Will start editing the video when i get some spare time =) right now im working a lot on the prints that you will be able to buy – if all falls into place the first one should be out for sale tomorrow =D I know i dont show a lot of teaser of all of my work ( like many other do ) , but thats why i have snapchat 😉

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I za kraj ovo, jer ništa ne postoji samo po sebi

Large Mandala made with Salt I will soon upload a larger video of this to my fb page with some footage of me working on it before I destroy it 🙂 First of all i would like to thank you all for the overwhelming response /comments on my drawings twodays ago. So many heartwarming comments and so much love given!I have read all comments on all my pages at least twice – thank you all! You guys are the best !! me and my family really appreciate it! As you can see i finished another salt mandala – i like to work a lot when i want to take my mind of things and get distracted , and with recent events i really needed that a lot. This one is way bigger and way more detailed and also more accurate than the first one i did the other day. Im still not that happy with the final result , but i do know what i have to do /change/ do different on the next one. 1. : I need to get a larger surface so i can make a even bigger one. 2. : I need to make more tools to help me do different patterns . 3. : Get better and finer salt to work with yesterdays post here was my 1000 post on instagram – i cant believe how time flies . I have been there for the last 4 years or so and updated my instagram almost daily – i have even been longer on facebook and deviantart where the number on drawings is even higher that i have uploaded =) My appreciation is endless to how much support i have gotten all these years, it really helped trough all the ruff periods in my life. Special thanks to the people who have followed me the longest and liked, commented and supported me from the beginning =D Stay creative my friends! Dino Tomic

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Slike ovog hrvatskog umjetnika podsjetile su nas na vrijednost soli (i još poneku istinu)

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